Welcome to Alkira Secondary College We are a new College very different from the past in learning, teaching and in facilities. Our College reflects the latest in Educational research. There are large coloured spaces for group and community learning, small spaces for individual instruction, and traditional classroom spaces as well, catering for a variety of learning needs and experiences. The whole College is ICT rich. The buildings are 5 star energy rated, and we are building a sustainable garden. In addition we are harvesting the rain water for our wet lands, gardens, grounds and toilets. Continue reading... Alkira Secondary students working in class Get to know Alkira - Explore our image gallery
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2015 Year 9 Subjects Levies2015 Year 9 Subjects Levies  Click here to download 2015 Year 9 Subjects Levies
2015 Year 10 Subjects Levies2015 Year 10 Subjects Levies  Click here to download 2015 Year 10 Subjects Levies

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