Sustainability is a cross-curricular priority in the Australian Curriculum and Alkira is committed to embedding sustainability into our classrooms and everyday practices around the school campus. Alkira Secondary College is a member of the ResourceSmart Schools program run by Sustainability Victoria. All Alkira students are asked to support and make a positive contribution to sustainability at school, home and in their communities.

Our Goals

The Alkira Sustainability Team is a student leadership group that meets weekly to suggest, discuss and run initiatives to help Alkira become more sustainable. Our goals align with the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the ResourceSmart Program. The team includes students across Years 7 to 12, who work collaboratively with teachers to design solutions to reduce our waste, energy and water use, and improve biodiversity on our campus. The aim of this student-led group is to provide students with an opportunity to take action for sustainability and for their future. This reinforces what is being learnt in classrooms, and encourages students to take the lessons home and into the community.

The Alkira Sustainability Team also upholds the College’s RICE values:

  • Respect: for ourselves, our community and the Earth
  • Integrity: honesty, fairness and hard work
  • Care: kindness and compassion for the environment and those less fortunate than us
  • Excellence: thinking critically, considering different perspectives, trying our best

Current Projects

Portable Mural Painting

  • The Alkira Sustainability Team is currently designing a creative mural that they will paint on one of our portable buildings to inspire students and brighten the area. This will be designed and painted by the students.

Bee, Bird, Butterfly Garden

  • The Alkira Sustainability Team is researching and planning a Biodiversity Garden to invite the bees, birds and butterflies to the area around our portables and give staff and students pretty plants and flowers to look at! We are collaborating with the City of Casey to learn about plant species that are indigenous to our area and where to source them. They will also provide help with planting.

Waste reduction

  • We need to reduce the amount of litter and rubbish at Alkira and the Alkira Sustainability Team is planning some initiatives to help with this. Stay tuned!

All students are invited to join the Alkira Sustainability Team so get involved! If you would like more information, please contact