Four “Houses” – Schools within a School

Alkira Secondary College is a place of outstanding learning and professional practice, continually adapting to meet the needs of our learning community. Across all year levels the focus is developing and facilitating a child centred curriculum, personalising the learning environment whilst encapsulating the alignment of space, pedagogy, beliefs and values.

2012 heralds the full application of the ‘School Within a School’ [SWIS] approach, which included a House name change. Each sub-school is lead by a Student Engagement Leader.

White House became Cowarr’ sub-school
Green House became Malloo’ sub-school
Blue House became Yaan’ sub-school
Red House became Towera’ sub-school

The four sub-schools cater for students’ core classes and provide the base for their management and welfare, giving students a sense of belonging to a close network of students and teachers within a bigger school setting. The sub-school staff teach the majority of their classes within the House setting with an emphasis on communication and building strong partnerships with parents and students. The ‘relationship’ aspect (with the entire College community) is a significant focus with the majority of Pastoral Care teachers following their students to the next year level to reinforce this priority.

With the application of the SWIS approach, new House banners were created. Each house name represents an ancient element (Earth, Air, Water and Fire), written in the indigeneous language of the Kurnai people (whose territory occupied most of present-day Gippsland and much of the southern slopes of Victoria). The Mandarin character within each House banner also signifies the respective ancient element. In addition, the House Leaders (in consultation with their colleagues and students) created a ‘mascot’ which aligned to their ancient element. Each chosen mascot is known for its spirit of determination – traits we instil within our students.

Sub-SchoolAncient ElementMascot
CowarrWind / AirPegasus
MallooEarthGreen Dragon
YaanWaterBlue Wolf